The healthcare chatbot designed to improve patient and population health outcomes

Clinic Chat uses artificial intelligence and scientifically-based communication strategies to motivate patients to optimize health, prevent illnesses, and manage chronic conditions.

A person using Clinic Chat on their phone.
A person using Clinic Chat on their iPad.
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A person using Clinic Chat's healthcare chatbot on their phone.

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Improve HEDIS outcomes while increasing ROI

Patients get clear answers to their questions about illness prevention and self-management without waiting on hold, getting misdirected, or having to share private and confidential information.

A physician on their laptop using Clinic Chat's bot to improve HEDIS.
A nurse using Clinic Chat's HIPAA compliant bot on their computer.

Easy to integrate with full HIPAA compliance

Clinic Chat is easy to integrate into your current system without requiring a large time commitment from IT staff. Patient adoption is also easy due to familiar text- and web-based messaging.

Why Clinic Chat?

Clinic Chat can be a difference maker for your health system or organization. And because it’s easy to integrate, you’ll be up and running quickly so you can start to see improved patient outcomes.

Always On

Provide information to patients with chronic conditions around the clock

Seamless Integration

Integrates into your current system without burdening IT staff

Greater ROI

Drives users to schedule appointments to ensure revenue stream

Saves Time

Automate routine tasks so care staff can focus on patient needs

Better Outcomes

Increased preventive care, more screenings, and elevated HEDIS outcomes

HIPAA Compliant

Operates independently of all electronic health records

Not your typical healthcare chatbot

We’re experts on communication strategy and AI systems design. Our specialty is to ensure equitable access to information no matter the cultural or linguistic needs of your patients. We also have a deep understanding of the diverse technology preferences people may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a chatbot and how does it work?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. Clinic Chat chatbots can be deployed as a conversational agent, linked to a web page, or through a text messaging platform delivered to people on their phones.

Our chatbots are designed to allow people to ask questions in their own words about things they want to know about their health. Once they ask a question, Clinic Chat will look for the answer to the question that best matches the intent behind that question—we do that using natural language processing, which is one part of the artificial intelligence process. The system also employs machine learning by improving that matching process with each new user of the system.

Generative chatbots will provide answers that are openly available across the entire World Wide Web. There are several challenges with generative chatbots for a system intended to support healthy behavior. First, there is a risk of misinformation. A generative chatbot may produce an answer that isn’t correct or consistent with clinical guidelines for health promotion and illness management. Second, there is a risk of bias. Answers from a generative bot may not consider the experience of patients in healthcare delivery systems who are from diverse demographic subgroups. Third, generative bots can be misled by users to generate responses that are not at all related to the original questions that a person has.

Clinic Chat chatbots only rely on a closed library of answers that have been reviewed and approved by medical and subject matter experts. Our messages include content that is evidence-based to support and motivate healthy behaviors. When our systems do not have an answer to a user question, we can quickly review and update our libraries with correct answers with input from our partners.

Providers who endorse our systems and people who use our systems have peace of mind that the content we share is accurate and effective to support healthy behaviors and access to care. Clinic Chat users have told us that having our systems deployed through healthcare delivery and community-based organizations increases trustworthiness and credibility of messages. Our systems also make it easy to quickly access information about a particular topic without having to conduct multiple searches online.

We have or are currently partnering with several healthcare delivery systems in Colorado, including Denver Health, Salud Family Health Centers, Stride Community Health, Tepeyac Community Health Center, Boulder Valley Health Center, Valley Wide Health and Clinica Campesina. We also partner with community based organizations such as the Colorado Black Health Collaborative.

See how it works

Watch a demo to see how Clinic Chat’s artificially intelligent chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to motivate patients to create lasting change.