What We Do

We build artificially intelligent chatbots that use machine learning and natural language processing to motivate people with or at risk for infectious and chronic conditions. Clinic Chat encourages regular health screenings, appointment scheduling, and changes in behavior that will positively affect a person’s health.

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Our Mission

We exist to collaboratively address health inequities by creating state-of-the art, technology-based information systems that support healthy behaviors and access to healthcare.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and provide equal access to comprehensive quality healthcare for all.

Our Partners


Although Clinic Chat, LLC was established in 2022, we bring over two decades worth of experience in the design, development, and evaluation of mobile technology solutions to improve health. Scientific research has shown that the messaging and technology strategies we design, either as lead investigators or in collaboration with other researchers have had a positive impact to increase childhood vaccination, HIV testing, and contraceptive use.

Increases in Contraceptive Use
Bull, S., Devine, S., Schmiege, S. Campbell, J., Pickard, L., Shlay, J. 2016. Text Messaging, Teen Outreach Program and Sexual Health Behavior: A Cluster Randomized Trial. American Journal of Public Health. 106(Suppl 1): S117–S124.
A 3-Fold Increase in HIV Testing
Ybarra, M. Prescott, T., Phillips, G., Bull, S. Parsons, J., Mustanski, B. 2017. A Texting HIV Prevention Program for Sexual Minority Male Adolescents: An RCT Short title: A Texting HIV Prevention Program. Pediatrics. 140(1):pii:e20162999
A 10% Increase in Childhood Vaccinations
Domek, G., Contreras, I., O’Leary, S., Bull, S., Furniss, A., Kempe, A., Asturias, E. 2019. Text message reminders to improve infant vaccination coverage in Guatemala: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Vaccine. 34(21):2437-2443

See how it works

Watch a demo to see how Clinic Chat’s artificially intelligent chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to motivate patients to create lasting change.